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James Dale and Tim Curren were assistant scout masters who were kicked out of the Boy Scouts because they were gay.. download:

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It’s been a good week for LGBT rights. The Boy Scouts removed their ban on gay members (if not gay scoutmasters), and New Zealand passed gay.

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Robert Gates: Would Have Allowed Gay Scoutmasters, But Issue Settled Now. Watch: Gay Boy Scout Earns Eagle by Restoring Lgbt Center

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A Supreme Court case in 2000 ended ACLU lawsuits aimed at admitting atheists, agnostics and openly gay scoutmasters into the Boy Scouts, said Mr.

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For example, although he voted to allow the Boy Scouts to ban gay scoutmasters, he voted with the majority to overturn a law banning gay marriage.

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Most parents don’t reject their children, or try to make their gay children hate themselves. So most parents will be fine with gay scoutmasters.

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63 percent of graduates say they would be "comfortable" with a gay math teacher, but only 31 percent think they would be comfortable at a party with both.

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. development, the Boy Scouts have battled the issue of gay scoutmasters and volunteer leaders, as well as openly gay scouts, for more than a decade.

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